Interpre/translation 口笔译


Translation and Interpretation between Chinese, Cantonese and English

For  International organizations and governments , research institutions ,  translation service agencies, businesses and individuals.
On occasions of   
(1) Visits , exchange programs, International conferences and trade shows and tours.
(2) Immigration interview,
(3) Court hearing at immigration; traffic; Civil inculding small claims, Unlawful Detainee; Criminal court.
(4) Medical ,Health Care and clinic visits .
(5) Web content editing and translation.

In the fields :
(1) Inter-Government exchange and cooperation,  Sister-City  relationship, 
(2) Medical and Health Care. 
(3) E-commerce,
(4) immigtation,
(5) Signature and LED technology,
(6) Mechanical Engineering, Construation Equipment and Transportation,
(7) Financing and Investment Project,
(8) Green Energy including solar , wind power and hybrid Electric vehicles
(9) Environmental Protection,
(10) Foreign Trade 
(11)Real Estate,

中英文口笔翻译 : (1)

服务对象:  国际组织, 政府机构,研究机构,翻译服务代理,非盈利组织,各类企业和个人


(1) 各种访问和交流项目, 国际会议,贸易展览,旅游。
(2) 移民面谈。
(3) 法庭出庭:移民,交通,民事,小额赔偿,非法居住,刑事。
(4) 医疗,医保,和健康保险


(2)医疗,医保 和健康保险
(5)LED 技术和贸易
(6)  融资和投资项目
   (7)  清洁能源 ;太阳能,风能,混合动力车